Congo Square
Congo Square

Congo Square was formed in the winter of 2002 as a non-profit society to promote jazz and blues in India. Members of Congo Square have had experience of running an international jazz festival, Jazzfest, every year from 1978 to 1982. These featured over 30 international jazz groups of the best-known musicians from the US and Europe. We were also proactive in promoting both overseas visitors and Indian talent, including epoch-makers such as Shakti, Joe Williams, Mingus Dynasty. The audiences always numbered upwards of a thousand - glitterati, youth, musicians and aficionados. These memorable concerts stopped only because the youthful organising team set off on divergent careers. 


Congo Square is formed with the same core group, networked with both overseas and Indian musicians. Our goal is not to promote the highest margins but to reach the largest number of music-lovers in Kolkata with the best music - jazz, blues, jazz-rock, rock n' roll, fusion, etc.


Congo Square revived this programme of activity, with six concerts in 2003 (including one each at Aizawl and Shillong) and a four-day international festival of world music, Jazz Blues & Beyond in January 2004. Once again the fare ranged from fusion music featuring the prodigious guitarist Jonas Hellborg with percussionists V. Selvaganesh, Taal Tantra with Tanmoy Bose and the electrifying folk-rock group Bangla from Bangladesh to excellent jazz combos from Holland, Germany and Italy, and distinguished old friends, the Rena Rama Quartet and the Karin Krog Trio.


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