Neemrana France
Neemrana France

Neemrana France is an autonomous organization dedicated to the promotion of Art and Culture, mainly, but not exclusively, music. It is involved in promoting artists, organizing concerts, tours, producing operas, facilitating artist collaborations, organizing training sessions, exhibitions and conferences. It focuses mainly on vocal music, piano and choral singing, and has created the "Alliance Francaise Jazz Club".


The organization mostly works with French cultural institutions in India, China, Morocco, USA and Canada.


The list of jazz artists promoted by Neemrana France is available on their website:


Neemrana France is named after an exceptional Indian palace, and a chain of hotels with a unique charm of its own founded by Mr Francis Wacziag, a French businessman and art lover; it is also a partner of «The Neemrana Music Foundation », which is well known in India for promoting classical music and opera.


Alain RECHNER, Founder and Director.

Adresse: 27 ter rue Benoit Malon, 92150 Suresnes, France



Nino CICCARONE, Coordinator Jazz Neemrana France and Alliance Francaise Jazz Club