Samantha Edwards
Mumbai Jazz Vocal
Samantha Edwards

Samantha's enthusiasm for music, creativity and community through song permeates her work as a vocalist, composer, conductor and educator. Through her energy and intellectual curiosity, she brings a freshness and riotous joy. This feeling is very much present in the duos, ensembles, bands and choirs she has vocally led over the last 20 years in India and abroad.

Past Gigs

Along with her quartet “Samantha Edwards with Take 4”, she has performed at the Indian Jazz Yatra held in Mumbai, the Jazz Chamber Concert and Downtown Panjim Festival in Goa.

In the mid 1990s and early 2000’s, Samantha was part of various live bands and sang varied styles from Jazz to Pop, Country to R&B, Motown to Rock, Folk to Hindi, Classical music in Choirs to Backing vocals in Hindi Films.