The Jass B'stards
Delhi Jazz Punk
The Jass B'stards
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1: they do not play jazz
2: they are not bastards
2: they are proud of not having attended Berklee School of Music
3: they play for neither Emperor Minge nor The Ska Vengers, even if it looks like they do
4: they stubbornly refuse to write a biography on their facebook info page lest it be lifted wholesale to form the basis of an article and/or listings write ups by grammatically challenged and cliche spouting junior hacks.

The Jass B'stardsThe Jass B'stardsThe Jass B'stards
Past Gigs

They have played in most venues around the country and also in major festivals like the goMAD festival, Tablu festival and India Music Week.


Stefan Kaye - Organ and Vocals
Nikhil Vasudevan - Drums
Tony Guinard - Bass guitar