Abhind is a Jazz Trio founded by it's bassist Pierre-Antoine Lasnier who creates original compositions to express his inner feelings and his journey through life from France to India. The band is composed of Shonai on the piano and Aniruddh Saha on the drums.

Abhind's music is multiple and cannot be reduced to a single format or a particular shape as it is the description of an 'around-the-world' journey. It transcribes the multiplicity of life, emotions, people and places with a documentary shape through sounds.

Line up

Pierre-Antoine Lasnier, composer-bass

Shonai, electric keyboard

Aniruddh Saha, drums


Alliance Française du Bengale

Live At Piano Man Jazz Club


"Abhind – meaning Abstract Hindustani - is a jazz trio whose music can be described as contemporary avant-garde jazz. The trio formation allows enough space for all three to express themselves openly and freely through the traditional role of each instrument while being complete in terms of sound spectrum through melody, harmony, and rhythm."