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4th Element

Founded in the year 2007, the journey has been an absolute joy. 4th Element is the only band in
North East India, that blends the elements of Jazz, Funk, R&B and Soul.

Having sought inspiration from the likes of Earth Wind and Fire, Incognito, Joe Sample,
Liquid Soul, Randy Crawford, Mezzo-forte, The Crusaders and similar artists, 4th Element
is, perhaps, moments away from becoming the next best thing in the music scene in India as
their talent has travelled the length and breadth of the country and overseas.

Line up

Ribor Mb - Keyboards

Sam Shullai - Drums

Sarah Lee - Vocals

Amit Mullick - Guitar

Amabel Susngi - Vocals

Jeffery Laloo - Bass

Mewanki - Bass/Guitar


The Belize International Jazz Festival 2018- Belize City, Central America(2018)

The Philippines International Jazz Festival 2015 – Manila (Philippines)

Sing Jazz Club Singapore – Singapore (2015)

Batey‟s Pub-Tulum, Mexico (2018)

North East India Festival- Bangkok (2019)

The Jazzmandu Festival 2013 – Kathmandu (Nepal)