submarine in space

Submarine In Space

Formed in December 2015, the jazz-rock band takes you on a musical journey to space. The sound is very dynamic and cinematic. It is an attempt to narrate stories that bring back the spirit of music. The collective vision of the band is to energize the listeners with their unique sound which makes every performance different and memorable.

They released the debut album WAVELENGTHS on 28.09.2018 which has received a worldwide response and catered to people of all age groups.

Comprising of 5 friends bound together by the love of music, The Submarine takes off to space.

Line up

Guitars - Abhishek Mittal

Keyboards - Vatsal Bakhda

Bass - Madhur Chaudhary

Drums - Vaibhav Ahuja

Violin/ Flute - Sayan Sinha


Album Tour:

Piano Man, Delhi
Tabula Rasa, Hyderabad
bFlat, Bangalore
High Spirits, Pune

Delhi Studio XO: Supporting Gig With Plini

Vh1 Supersonic Pre-Party

Magnetic Fields