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Asin Khan Langa

While the folk legacy in India is still alive and prolific, India’s race towards modernity, however, has resulted in a deep neglect of root traditions. As much as the general development of rural India has been directed toward rampant urbanisation and transactional tourism, regional cultural legacies are languishing, left to fend for themselves in a rapidly changing context. There are artists, however, who continue to maintain their traditions in the face of all odds – aiming to make a name for themselves, but more importantly, keep their traditions alive and evolve ways in which younger members of their community can learn to respect and actively engage with these traditions. Among them, is Asin Khan Langa.


Celtic Connections 2014 with Maru Tarang
Part of the Showcase at WOMEX 2014 in Spain
Headlined at MOSHITO, Johannesburg in 2015
Jodhpur RIFF (Rajasthan International Folk Festival)


"Asin Langa is arguably the most proficient young master musician among the Sarangiya Langa community, hailing from the #deserts of western Rajasthan. A vocalist par excellence and a master #Sarangi player, his vast repertoire includes folk and Sufi poetry sung to traditional and improvised/ composed arrangements. His vocals, deeply rooted in desert traditions, include the recitation of praise poetry and genealogy of his patrons."

- G5A Foundation For Contemporary Culture

"Twenty-five-year-old Asin Khan Langa is a master of the Sindhi sarangi."