The über-talented guitarist and fine composer Dhruv joins three of India’s most skilled jazz artists on stage to make beautiful music. Their virtuosic arrangements blend jazz, contemporary Indian roots and all-out rock in a sublime original performance.

Line up

Dhruv Ghanekar: Guitar

Gino Banks: Drums

Sheldon D'Silva: Bass

Tala Faral: Saxophones & Keyboards


Jazz Yatra and Jazz Utsav in India

Java Jazz Festival 2009

Borneo Jazz Festival 2011

SildaJazz and Oslo Jazz Festival 2012

Delhi Jazz Festival 2011 and 2013


“Dhruv, gave an electrifying performance of jazz-fusion (…). Guitarist and founder Dhruv Ghanekar is a graduate of Berklee who has performed with giants of the Indian music scene including sarangi player Sultan Khan, tabla maestro Zakir Hussain, percussionist Trilok Gurtu, as well as drummer Ranjit Barot and keyboardist Louiz Banks. An outstanding guitarist, Ghanekar’s fusion is finely balanced between his Indian roots and jazz, with certain rhythmic and harmonic elements adapted from both.

Ghanekar’s flawless technique is characterized by a beautifully clear enunciation—every note is clearly defined, and absolutely none sound superfluous or gratuitous. Feather-light chords, occasional veena-like shimmies and hypnotic runs were underpinned by subtle harmonics and seductive melodies. Although it was initially tempting to draw comparison to guitarist John McLaughlin who pioneered the fusion of jazz and Indian music in the’70s, it soon became clear that Ghanekar is a singular guitarist who has developed his own vocabulary and style. This is a band of equals, however, and the poly rhythmic drummer Gino Banks, bassist Sheldon Dsilva and keyboardist/saxophonist Ramiandrisoa all excelled.”