Band pic

Heat Sink

Heat Sink is an Indie band based in Ahmedabad. Consisting of members from different music
backgrounds, our sound ranges from Jazz to Progressive Rock and includes diverse styles
and themes. We aim to create organic music by experimenting with our vocal melodies,
harmonic ideas, and lyrics with a healthy combination of both the theoretical and emotional
aspects of music. Our debut EP is currently in production at Compass Box Studios. We have
performed at multiple events such as The Big Squat Festival, The Piano Man Jazz Club, Humming
Tree, Bflat, The Quorum, CEPT University, and House Concerts Delhi.

Line up

Chirag Todi – Guitar

Protyay Chakraborty - Vocals & Violin

Raag Sethi – Bass

Pranav Menon - Vocals & Guitar

Pritul Chauhan - Drums

Meera Desai - Vocals

Nayan Kapadia – Keyboard