Jatayu is a jazz-rock quartet from Chennai India and was formed in 2016. The band seamlessly weaves together instrumental Carnatic music with jazz, blues, rock, and funk. They are a reflection of modern India - rooted in a centuries-old art form, yet current and collaborative in approach and sonic fabric.

Their recently released Debut EP, 'Chango Tales' is designed as an enthralling and collaborative audio-visual experience, where three tracks on the album feature other musicians. IT takes you through the emotional odyssey of the protagonist 'Chango'.

Line up

Shylu Ravindran - Carnatic Guitar / Kanjira

Sahib Singh - Electric Guitar

Manu Krishnan - Drums

Kashyap Jaishankar - Bass Guitar


Madras Medai Independent Arts Festival

Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival, Kuala Lumpur

Remembering Veenapani Festival 2019 by Adishakti Theatre, Pondicherry

Tabula Rasa, Hyderabad


"The worlds of progressive rock, fusion, Carnatic and psychedelic come together in a sublime, heady blend on Chennai-based Jatayu’s debut EP Chango Tales."

-Rolling Stone India

"They have no doubt got exceptional featured artists on board to help craft their identity, but Jatayu looks like they can take on a lot more in the jazz-rock space all by themselves."

-The Hindu

"If Snarky Puppy and Carnatic music had a baby, and the baby grew up to be a pothead who rages, it is what Jatayu would sound like."

-The Indian Music Diaries