Luis Trio

The Luis Trio is a project formed and conceptualized by French musician Loic Sanlaville. Originally set in Jazz elements in 2011, the project has since grown to acquire its own style with a Hip Hop sound. The band uses elements of different music set on original compositions by Loic.

Loic moved to India five years ago and his love for Hindustani sounds mixed with his Frenchness is reflected in the eclectic mix of his music. Think Thelonious Monk meets Ganpati. Every song has a story in Luis Trio is here to transform the audience’s experience in a different zone from a Jazz bar in New York to the calm spirituality of India.

Line up

Guitar, Loic Sanlaville

Elect Bass, Sonic Shori

Drums, Aditya Dutta


The band performs regularly in Delhi, Gurgaon and has toured in Pune and Mumbai.