Founded in 2009, The band plays an eclectic mix of Modern Jazz blended with elements of bebop, swing and funk. The music is centred around soulful melodies with modern funky grooves leading into frenzied improvisations. Their performances have been described as being soulful, energetic and inspired by the moment. Constantly rediscovering the boundaries of jazz they share the common idea that music is dynamic and ever-changing.

Line up

Rishie Raaj Sachdeva - Electric Guitars

Abhay Sharma - Saxophone

Shonai - Piano & Keys

Shashank Das - Bass

Shantanu Sudarshan - Drums & Vibe


Caux Theater at the Palace in Caux, Switzerland
Fourties Jazz Bar in Jakarta, Indonesia
Shisha Jazz Cafe in Pune
Café Zoe in Mumbai
The Piano Man Jazz Club in Delhi