The Latination

The Latination is one of the only virtuoso and genuine Latin-jazz bands in India. The quartet is a powerful and soulful collaboration between French and Indian specialists of jazz and Latin music.

Its repertoire ranges from the festive sounds of salsa and rumba to contemporary jazz, blending the dance-compelling power of Afro-Latin rhythms with the intellectual streams of dense harmonies and sophisticated melodies, the discreet sweetness of jazz ballads and Latin boleros with virtuoso improvisation and breath-taking solo performances, delighting both intimate, captivated audiences and festive dancing crowds.

Line up

Emmanuel Simon: Percussion / Band leader

Pradyumna Singh Manot: keyboards

Premjit Dutta: Timbales

Bijit Bhattacharya: Bass guitar


International Dance Fiesta (Kolkata, Nov 2014); Festival Pondy Partages (Pondichery, Feb 2015); Bharat Bhavan (Bhopal, Jun 2015); Edouard Michelin Auditorium (Chennai, Aug 2015); Inauguration of The Piano Man Jazz Club (Delhi, Sep 2015); Mazda Hall (Pune, Oct 2015); Alliance Française Garden (Kathmandu, Oct 2015) etc


'A power-packed performance'' - Times of India

''The Latination would build up to a euphoric whirlwind grappling everyone in its path'' - The New Indian Express

“A delighting performance… Music broke the barrier of language and became impressive'' - The Hitavada

''With their upbeat sound, The Latination is all set to woo […] jazz enthusiasts'' - Indulge

''The Latination is playing hard to make the sounds of Latin-jazz loud and clear across India''- The Indian Express

''The Latination is one of the most promising […] jazz bands in India'' - Kathmandu Post