UNK: The Radha Thomas Ensemble

Led by Radha Thomas, a vocalist who has performed all over the globe with musicians such as Michael Brecker, Ryo Kawasaki, Alex Blake, Steve Gorn, Badal Roy, Frank Tusa, and many others, her six-piece ensemble of seasoned, experienced musicians, performs original music and jazz standards. Their first album "I Only Have Eyes For You" was released in October 2012 to critical acclaim and is being played in over 100 radio stations in the USA.
Thomas is also an author with her debut novel "Men On My Mind" already a best-seller.

Line up

Radha Thomas - Band leader, vocals
Aman Mahajan - Keyboards
Mishko M’Ba - Bass
Matt Littlewood - Saxophone
Jeoraj George - Drums
Ramjee Chandran - Guitar


Isai Music Festival
Jazz Yatra
Indigo and Blues Festival
Bengaluru Habba
The ICCR Delhi International Jazz Festival and others


"Provocative! Contempo to the max! You may have a hit on your hands?! Wow! (The album) sounds so good! Really inventive stuff, with a lot of expression." - Ron McClure, bassist for the famous American band ‘BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS’

“Radha - 'Eyes' is great! Loved your voice and the arrangements.” - Steve Gorn

“However, there’s no doubt that Thomas herself steals the spotlight with her sultry, smoky vocals. There’s a teasing, seductive quality to her voice that’s just absolutely hypnotizing. She holds your attention from start to finish, the rich timbre of her scats and effects putting you under a spell that you never want to break.” - Maria Miaoulis, TheCelebrityCafe.com