‘Jazz-Addicts’ is an association of serious jazz enthusiasts, introducing the finest world-class mainstream and classical jazz to India.

They organize the JUS'JAZZ Festival, happening in November 2013 in 3 different cities in India (Mumbai, Delhi and Pune), and they also regularly organize jazz concerts throughout the year at NCPA in Mumbai.


Pradip Bhatia: (0091) 9820151222

Sunil Sampat: (0091) 9820453611 - Sunil Sampat also writes about jazz, see his articles

Apurva Agarwal: (0091) 9820309510

Sujata: (0091) 8108123828


- JUS'JAZZ 2013

- JUS'JAZZ 2012

- Sachal's New York Quartet

- Swing and Bebop