Delhi Jazz World

HFT play world jazz, jazz that is urbane and savvy, a well-travelled, warm music that is equally at ease being in the sun as resting in the shade. Listening to them live, you’d hear jazz in the guitar melodies & walking bass, fusion in the raga-esque phrasing, world music in the djembe & cajon grooves, the tabla bols and free-jazz scat. Meaty bass and delicate brush, wailing guitar and throbbing drum--drawing inspiration from everywhere, HFT’s music speaks of the here and now.

Past Gigs

HFT have showcased their music at the Delhi Jazz Festival, Bangalore Habba Jazz Festival, the Du Dubai World Music Festival, live on FM 95, The India Music Week Conference, Pubrockfest... even the village of Chineni in Jammu & Kashmir at the First Blast of the Nashri tunnel!


AJ Sen, guitars
Lew Hilt, bass
Suchet Malhotra, drumcussion