Joe Alvares
Mumbai Vocal Jazz
Joe Alvares

Joe Alvares is a jazz / funk / blues / rock vocalist, that is able to sing with unbridled passion, with incredible range and power. He recorded two albums with CBS / Polygram: "Black Scorpio" (1976) and "Allegiance" (1988), and performed all over the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Rome, Istanbul, Greece, the Montreal Jazz Festival and Cuba, with Classical giants, Bollywood stars and Jazz virtuosos.

His favorite vocalists are Stevie Wonder, Sting, Bobby McFerrin, Joe Williams and James Ingram.

Today, Joe regularly performs at clubs and festivals across the country, corporate and high-profile events, and for commercial jingles, and at clubs and festivals across the country, with different musicians like Louiz Banks, Floyd Fernandes, Adrian D'Souza, and sometimes with his daughter Shefali Alvares.

Joe AlvaresJoe AlvaresJoe Alvares