The Bodhisattwa Trio
Kolkata Jazz Rock
The Bodhisattwa Trio

The Bodhisattwa Trio is an experimental instrumental jazz rock outfit which believes in spontaneity, improvisation and the raw expression of unadulterated human feelings. Drawing inspiration from their lives, as well as from artists, scientists, philosophers and thinkers, the trio delivers a high-octane mix of original material as well as interpretations of tunes written by legends which have passed the barriers of age and time.

The Bodhisattwa TrioThe Bodhisattwa TrioThe Bodhisattwa Trio
Press Quotes

"The trio switches from outright mean riffs to offbeat mid-tempo anomalies. Their tracks are improvisational in nature, with an emphasis on spontaneity."- Rolling Stone Magazine


"The trio have set themselves on a pedestal with their EP, Intersections, leaving behind a sense of after-thought lingering in the smoke"- Aditya Varma, Rock Street Journal 


“The band’s first performed piece, “Cronos”, was inspired from a Guillermo Del Toro vampire horror film of the same name, and was dedicated to him. The eerie piece started off slow and grungy, and developed into a chaotic, intricate and expressive piece, aptly evoking the theme. In the discussion that followed, the band discussed how an artiste can draw inspiration from, and interprets a work of art in another form, and then attempt to express that interpretation through their work.”- The Daily Star, Bangladesh


“The trio packed a powerhouse performance on Day 2 of the Jazzfest, starting with the high octane Locked Up from their album Intersections. Their set took a Jazz Fusion turn when Monojit, aka Kochuda joined them for an interpretation of Wayne Shorter’s Over Shadow Hill Way.”- The Telegraph, Kolkata

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Past Gigs

Blue Frog, B Flat, High Spirits, Depot 29, Jamsteady, Shimla Fest (2015)
Hostel Celica- Ljubljana, Slovenia (2014)
59 Rivoli- Paris, France
Repete Jazz- Ljubljana, Slovenia
Botel Marina- Rijeka, Croatia
Congo Square International Jazzfest- Kolkata, India
Red Shift Gallery- Dhaka, Bangladesh
Thursday Jazz Encounter- Kolkata, India
Russian Cultural Centre- Dhaka, Bangladesh (2013)


Bodhisattwa Ghosh- Guitars

Bijit Bhattacharya- Bass

Premjit Dutta- Drums