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The Rajeev Raja Combine is an exciting global fusion band that has elements of Jazz, Indian classical, Latin and World Music.
Fronted by Rajeev Raja, one of India’s most exciting Jazz and fusion flautists, the band with its powerful rhythms, fluid melodic lines, spontaneous syncopation, and skillful improvisation enthralls one and all.
The Rajeev Raja Combine recently released their maiden album ‘Cosmic Chant’ to much audience appreciation and critical acclaim.
It hit #1 on the Jazz charts of iTunes India and received a 5 star rating from renowned music critic Narendra Kusnur, who hailed it as the best Indo-fusion album to be released in the past decade.

Rajeev Raja CombineRajeev Raja CombineRajeev Raja Combine
Press Quotes

"The beauty of this album lies in its simplicity, variety and use of syncopation, and the fact that it has melody written all over it. It’s the kind of music you can play again and again, and yet it grows on you. Clearly, this is one of the best Indo-fusion albums released in the past decade or so"CD review "Cosmic Chant", Narenmusicnotes

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Past Gigs

Performed at Blue Frog several times and at various venues across India.

Rajeev Raja: Concert Flute/Bansuri
Hitesh Dhutia: Guitar
Chandana Bala: Vocals
Vinayak Netke: Tabla
JD: Bass
Vaibhav Wavikar: Drums/Percussion