Shefali Alvares
Mumbai Vocal Jazz
Shefali Alvares
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Shefali is a volatile and passionate vocalist, deriving all her energy from the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. Since a little child, she has grown up in the lap of music. Her music taste includes jazz, Rn'B, rock, retro, pop, semi classical opera, funk, lounge, experimental fusion and hip-hop.

She has pursued vocal training for over 6 years with the renowned teacher Celia Lobo, also studied Hindustani classical for over a year.

Shefali AlvaresShefali AlvaresShefali Alvares
Past Gigs

Shefali has been performing many years at concerts with her dad, Joe Alvares, and musical luminaries like Louiz Banks, Karl Peters, Loy Mendonsa, Sheldon Dsilva, Sanjay Divecha, Lindsay Dmello, Warren Mendosa, Mahesh Tinaikar etc.