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REFUGE is an instrumental ensemble from India playing a set of explorative themes from a journey with unity at its focus. The music, equal parts structured and improvised, draws inspiration from jazz, folk and mystical traditions from around the world. The musicians bring their own aesthetics and stylistic backgrounds into their interpretations of the themes, resulting in a sound that is a natural fusion of their influences.
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“Even as the first bars of Mahajan’s opening song were being laid down with professional efficiency, the audience sensed this was a hit. And the musicians took in their first deep whiff of that oxygen. What came through for the audience was a set of tunes that were melodious and easy-to-follow… nod your head and tap your feet. Mahajan’s tunes are deceptively simple and most of them lend themselves to easy recall. We believe they also lend themselves to being hits.”


“Mahajan’s music is, despite the brisk tempo at which it is mostly played, quite deep in its melodic structure, often reflective... the ideas behind his work, as reflected in the titles or themes of the pieces played, are deep.”

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the band:
Aman Mahajan – piano
Mishko M'ba – bass guitar
Jeoraj George – drums
Matt Littlewood – saxophones